Elevator calling board solution

Elevator calling board solution


Elevator calling board is an integral part of the elevator. Each elevator has an external calling board in each service floor, which is the main way of interaction between the elevator and passengers. The information transmitted by calling board includes the moving direction of car and the floor number. Passengers order through the calling board. It is applied in hotels, restaurants, entertainment, aviation, supermarkets and other places.



•  Integrated LCD controller, highly integrated system, without FPGA driven LCD.
•  Simple peripheral circuit, effective-cost
•  Industrial-grade chips, making the whole system more stable and reliable
•  Support TFT true color LCD display, 24-bit interface, support TFT LCD screen up to 800 * 600
•  Support SD card background picture switching, easy to operate
•  CAN interface, and reserved RS485 interfaces to be compatible with the traditional RS485 network
•  Extendible Ethernet interface for network communication
•  Support customization



Moving direction display

Static/dynamic images

Floor number display

Characters, patterns, height (m)

Elevator operation special signal display

Overload (car), full (Hall Station), maintenance, fire alarm, fault, earthquake, driver, VIP

Real-time ambient temperature

Automatically responding to the real-time temperature of car and hall station, and showing with characters


Display characters information could be set in fixed scrolling bar, such as news, announcements and greetings (optional multiple scrolling mode)

Display screen could be flipped 90º\180º\270º

According to requirements, display interface could be rotated to meet different way of arrangement

Background music/arrival broadcast

•  Different background music loop with separated volume setting
•  Multinational voice reminder for stopping floor

Automatical screensaver power-saving mode

After not receiving signals of operation for a long time (30 minutes), the system will turn to the screensaver automatically. It will switch to normal mode in 2 seconds while the signal comes.

Timing on/off

Users could set everyday shutdown time in the management system for one week. The shutdown timing could be same or different, but they must have the same start timing (The factory default setting is 5 o'clock every morning for automatic start)

Manual reset

The button for screen reset is on the case of display