E-signature pad solution

E-signature pad solution


In a traditional office, all the business requiring signature need to be printed and signed. This is a complicated process and of low efficiency. At present, the information construction of China is developing, and the relevant laws and regulations are gradually improved. Paperless application in various industries and fields is more and more widely used. To achieve a "low carbon emissions" green economy, a number of offices are turning towards paperless and computerization. With the promulgation and implementation of "electronic signature law" and the mature development of information technology, signature without paper will certainly become an inevitable trend.

Facing such a trend, how to make an electronic signing office flexibly, efficiently and safely, avoid waste, improve efficiency, and achieve true paperless working becomes an urgent problem. As a result, there comes the electronic signature pads, mainly applied in banking, securities, insurance, mobiles business hall signature, hotel and clubs reception paperless signature and visitor registration system.



•  Based on selp-developed ASAP1826T
•  CPU main frequency up to 240MHz
•  High sensitivity, marking at the speed of 200 points/second, without delay, disconnection or fold
•  Easy to use, good confidentiality, high flexibility
•  Cost-effective
•  Support of customization




Support a display with 16-bit LCD interface


Support voice


Support MINI USB interface

Symbols and Abbreviations

Support abbreviations such as start of message, end of message, data length, check code, command code, date etc.


•  Keys (OK, Cancel, Re-input)
•  Operating temperature: 0℃-40℃, Humidity: 20%-93%
•  Crash resistance: in a case that the pad drops from the height of 1m from a static state, it can still works properly after the drop.
•  Operating time without failure: at least 50,000 hours
•  Sensitivity: when drawing a line at the velocity of 200 points per second, there’s no delay, no broken or fold lines.


•  System software, able with self detection, alarm and power-off protection.
•  Secondary development platform, offering dedicated interface for secondary development
•  Modular structure, supporting modular structural design

Communication with POS terminal devices

•  E-signature pad serial port command
•  Communication commands between the pad and the terminal device
•  The format of the communication message of this e-signature pad

Combination with the transaction code

•  the image of an electronic signature
•  Combination between the transaction code and the e-signature
•  Compression of the combined image

Compression algorithm

Support the compression algorithm compatible with Unionpay standard


Compatible with Unionpay e-signature pad Q/CUP