LED Graphics Card Solution

LED Graphics Card Solution


An LED display is composed by semiconductor LEDs, with features of bright colors, high reliability, long life, high environmental adaptability and less cost, which makes it widely used in commercial and public places.
An LED graphics card is the core component of an LED display, responsible for receiving display data from a computer, generating LED display and scanning control sequence, and finally forming a dynamic picture. The LED display control is of two types: synchronous and asynchronous. Asynchronous display control means that display content is mainly edited by the computer software, and then played through established algorithm. It is easy to operate, cheaper and widely applicable. However, compared to a synchronous LED display, its performance is relatively poor.
With the birth of high-performance LED asynchronous graphics card solutions, a similar effect of synchronized LED display with less cost and convenience has been brought. It could play animation and videos, and support ultra-large type of LED display screen. The application range of asynchronous LED display is greatly broadened, and the market definitely has infinite potential.



•  Onboard 100M network interface, MAC binding mechanism, without IP settings, automatic identification and connection
•  Network communication supports stand-alone/Ethernet/cross-Internet connection
•  Onboard USB interface, supporting U disk transfer program
•  Flexible control area, various display function, high quality with low cost
•  3.5V-6V wide working voltage
•  -40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ wide operating temperature
•  Support online upgrade for underlying software, saving costs of system development , maintenance and upgrading
•  Support temperature and humidity sensors
•  Support infrared remote control/key-press program selection



Control points

 80K point:1024*80 848*96 720*112 640*128 560*144 512*160

Storage capacity 


Adaptation range

 Various formats of full-color LED display

Software features

 Grouping and clustering management/multi-program editing/multi-area display/multiple language versions

Program type

 Ordinary program/sharing program

Number of programs

 Support 512 programs, each divided into 32 regions

Area type

 Overlay text/graphics/subtitle/animation/lunar/time/analog dial/positive and negative timing/temperature/humidity

Border display

 The most advanced colorful magic program frame/regional frame

Clock display

 Lunar/analog dial/Chinese and English clock/positive and negative timing (all support multi-team display)

Communication interface

 Standard 100M Ethernet port and USB interface, support U disk transfer program

Display interface

 1 group 50-pin interface/160 lines (BX custom)



Remote control function

 Program request/screen lock/brightness adjustment/switch on and off/screen test

Brightness adjustment

 16 level brightness, support automatic time-sharing brightening/software brightening/remote control brightening

Remote switch

 Support timing automatic switch/software switch/remote control switch machine

Operation Voltage

 5V (3.5V~6V wide operation voltage)

Maximum power


Operation temperature