Large Quadrotor Solution

Large Quadrotor Solution


With the improvement of science and technology, unmanned vehicles have had a rapid development. It has been widely applied in military and civilian fields, such as investigation survey, data acquisition, communication relay, etc. The benefits of unmanned vehicles are flexible to operate, to cause less costs, and to avoid staff consumption during the execution of above tasks.

A rotorcraft, however, has its own unique advantages:
•  Simple mechanical structure makes it be controlled just by coordinating its rotor motor, and its flight is more flexible.
•  Without the limitation from larger wings, it could be used in various environments.
•  With independent takeoff and landing capabilities and highly system intelligent, it could achieve more flight postures, such as vertical hover, pitch movements, yaw steering etc., and it also has a strong capacity of posture maintenance.



•  Three-grade speed
•  Able to take pictures and vedioses
•  Indication for low pressure and able to tumble
•  GPS locations
•  Rich basic functions: throttle, front and rear, steering, side fly, steering trim, front and rear trim, etc.


Main controller


Main frequency

96MHz, 100 pins


•  MPU6050, using three-axis gyroscope and three-axis acceleration sensor
•  HMC5883L, using three-axis magnetometer sensor

Integration function

Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 and WiFi , able to communicate with computers/mobiles phoness

Default interface

•  Default SPI interface for 2.4G NRF24L01 + wireless communications
•  Default ultrasonic module interface for fixed height and point flight function
•  Default infrared module interface for fixed infrared obstacle avoidance function
•  Default GPS module interface for fixed height and point flight function

Operation voltage

3.7V lithium battery, with greater power and longer flight