Small Quadrotor Solution

Small Quadrotor Solution


A quadrotor is a kind of aircraft which uses four-rotor aircraft as its engines. Since the 20th century, electronic technology has experienced rapid development. Quadrotors are moving towards miniaturization, integrated with artificial intelligence, which makes them tend to be intelligent robots.

Quadrotors can not only fly as helicopters do, but also reduce the design difficulty of aircraft mechanism to some extent. The quadrotor's balance control system consists of various types of inertial sensors. In the production process, the lower requirements of the center of the whole body, symmetry and motor performance are the advantages. Besides, compared to fixed-wing aircrafts, quadrotors are also able to lift vertically, easy to maintain and have an excellent performane in mobility.




•  Fast locations speed, able to spot hover at a precise height
•  Three speed
•  Able to respond more accurately to control, better flying and control experience
•  Real-time detection of movement change and timely adjustment
•  Simple mechanical structure, and easy to maintain
•  Low cost of flight loss, good scalability




Main controller

ASM0180G, controlling four brushed motors

Main frequency

72MHz, 32 pins


MPU6050, using three-axis gyroscope and three-axis acceleration sensor

Default interface

Default SPI interface for 2.4G NRF24L01 + wireless communications etc.

Operation voltage

3.7V lithium battery, with greater power and longer flight