Sub-ohm e-Cig solution

Sub-ohm e-Cig solution


e-Cig stands out from other succedaneum with its high-performance, high quality and high marketing competitiveness, bringing great economic benefits and reducing harm of second-hand smoking. As the maturity of European and American e-Cig market, professional requirements for products' efficiency, performance and safety is obviously raised. The domestic e-Cig manufactures must provide more scientific and advanced technology and solutions.



      •  Industry's first dedicated e-Cig power IC
      •  Ultra high power efficiency
      •  Good performance, low consumption, low cost, small size
      •  Power:15W/25W



Input voltage

 3.3V - 4.2V

Output voltage

Output power: 10W(0.5Ω load)
Output power: 25W(0.3Ω load)

Quiescent current


Battery power

 Turning to sleep status immediately

Charging interface

 Atomizer interface, charging current 420mA

Cutoff voltage

 4.2V ± 0.05V

Charging release

 LED lights off when unplugging the charger, charging released